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Why choose one of ours BBQ Grills?

We could list many advantages, not to mention the taste when we use coal. Here find some of them:
Every structure is made with refractory cement;
Despite of the weight it is portable, being able to change of place in case of moving;
Different style never seen here in the USA;
Easy to clean and very efficient in cooking;
Durability and warranty for 3 years.

Come and join us to our 2nd Anniversary You get Installation free

Delivery fee $20 every 10 miles


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How to Choose the correct model?

One of the first things to consider is what size grill you need. The key is not to buy more barbecue grill than you need. Before you even go shopping, think about how your barbecue grill will be used. If you don’t plan on cooking anything more than hamburgers on the grill, then a smaller more basic model would probably work best for you. If you’ve already got the grilling recipe book out and you can’t decide which recipe to try first, then you are going to be happier with a larger more sophisticated grill.

How often will you barbecue? Every chance you get or just a handful of times during the summer? How many people will you be grilling for? Just you and the family, or will you be entertaining and feeding larger groups of family and friends? Will you be doing different types of cooking on your grill such as frying or using a rotisserie?

In a few months our customers can count on a shop specializing in everything you need for your barbecue, from the barbecue grill to the meat, including all kinds of accessories. All in one place, so you will not shop around the city looking for a product for your barbecue, at the BBQ place you will find everything in one place.

Grill Accessories

Coming soon!


Grill Rentals, Cooking-On-Site, Knife Sharpener, BBQ Grill Cleaning are among the services we will be offering soon!